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Kentucky Authorization Update

The Authorization Lookup Tool Has Moved.

In order to ensure accuracy, Wellcare providers must now enter specific member information in order to determine whether prior authorization is required for certain services and procedures. 

To maintain privacy, this process has been moved from our public website to our secure Provider Portal. Simply log in to the Provider Portal and select “Create New Authorization” from the Care Management tab to get started.

Log in to the secure Provider Portal 

Not registered on our secure Provider Portal yet?

It only takes a few moments to sign up for an account and start benefiting from a variety of tools that make it easier to do business with us:

  • Submit Authorizations and Claims
  • View Authorization and Claim Status
  • View Member Profiles, including:
    • Eligibility and Benefits
    • Recent Authorizations
    • Recent Claims
    • Care Gaps
    • Visit History
    • Pharmacy Utilization
  • Secure Messaging with Wellcare
  • Chat online with Member Services agents, and more.
  • You no longer need multiple accounts for different locations. Create one account and we will affiliate you to your multiple locations!

NOTE: All services rendered by non-participating providers and facilities require prior authorization. 

Authorization Tool Changes

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This list is not intended to be all-inclusive of covered services or authorization requirements under WellCare of Kentucky Health Plans, Inc.. It provides information regarding prior authorization requirements that were generally accurate as of the publish date reflected on this document. The most accurate and efficient way to verify authorization requirements is through our secure Provider Portal, where you can also submit authorization requests and download or print a summary report for your records.

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Last Updated On: 4/10/2023
On April 22, 2024, UnitedHealth Group issued a press release, providing an update on the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident that occurred on Feb. 21, 2024. Given the size of the data impacted, the investigation to determine whose data is impacted is expected to take several months. UnitedHealth Group believes this situation will impact “a substantial proportion of people in America” and is offering immediate credit monitoring and identity protection services, as well as a dedicated contact center to address questions. Visit Change Healthcare Cyberattack Support and/or reach out to the contact center at 1-866-262-5342 regarding any questions.