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Behavioral Health Home Accreditation Subsidy Program

                                              Effective November 2019

WellCare of Florida, Inc. (WellCare) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of integrated care to our members. We would like to recognize and incentivize our partner providers who have aligned with that goal. So, we have created the following quality subsidy program for those providers that are also committed to providing quality integrated care by becoming an Accredited/Certified Behavioral Health Home by a Nationally Recognized Accrediting Body, e.g. Joint Commission, CARF or NCQA.

To qualify for this subsidy, a provider must submit a written proposal to, which includes the following information:
• Description of how the subsidy will be used to support the accreditation
• Indication of how the subsidy and accreditation will directly impact our WellCare members
• Identification of the number of WellCare members that will be impacted by this subsidy
• Timeline of activities to accreditation/certification
• Cost details of accreditation/certification

If any further information is needed, please contact Julie Osmanski-Harmon, MHA - Senior Director of Product Operations – Behavioral Health at 407-690-0058 or email to

*Please note - Proposals are subject to review and approval by the WellCare Senior Leadership. WellCare reserves, in its sole discretion, final decision-making authority regarding the award of any subsidy and may, at its sole discretion, modify, limit, or cancel this program at any time.

Upon WellCare Senior Leadership approval of proposal, the provider must provide the following items within 30 days of receipt:
• Accreditation/Certification as a Behavioral Health Home
• Final cost details of accreditation/certification

The subsidies available for obtaining an accreditation/certification status as a Behavioral Health Home are as follows:
• $5,000 for receiving a three year accreditation/certification
• $3,000 for receiving a two year accreditation/certification
• $1,000 for receiving a one year accreditation/certification

Subsidy payment will be made to provider within 60 days of the final accreditation/certification status documentation being delivered to WellCare.
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