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Member Communication Calendar

Learn about communications being sent to our members regarding health campaigns and incentives. This helpful information details our scheduled member messaging covering everything from upcoming appointments with their PCP to blood pressure check reminders.

Second Quarter: 2022

Date: April, 2022

Women's Wellness: Push Notification


Talk to your doctor about scheduling a test that finds breast or cervical cancer. Your chance of recovery is better when cancer is found early. Act now! Call your doctor to schedule your screening. 

Date: April, 2022

Adult Multi-measure: Direct Mailer


This direct mailer will be sent to members to encourage them to make appointments for multiple measures that are currently outstanding, such as: breast cancer screening, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Date: May, 2022

COPD: Push Notification


This push notification notifies members to contact their provider if they have any questions about their condition or medications.

Date: May, 2022

Annual Wellness Visit: Email


This email will be distributed to adult members to encourage them to schedule their Annual Wellness Visit.

Date: June, 2022

Diabetes: Push Notification


This push notification reminds members to visit their doctor to ensure blood sugars are in a healthy range.

Date: June, 2022

Osteoporosis/Fall Prevention: Email


This email will be sent to members to encourage them to speak to their PCP about a bone screening test or bone strengthening medications.

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