Lumaktaw iti kangrunaan a linaonna

Panangimaton iti Therapy a Panagagas

Programa ti Panangimaton ti Agas ti Therapy

Ti programa ti panangimaton ti agas ti therapy ket tulungannaka a makaala ti kamayatan a benepisyo ti salun-at gapu kadagiti agasmo babaen:

  • Panangatipa wenno panangkissay kadagiti peggad a mainaig ti agas
  • Panagdegdeg ti Kinasalukagmo
  • Panagsuporta kadagiti mayat nga ugali

Asinno ti agkualipika ti programa?
Aautomatic nga ilista dakan ti programa a libre no maiyaplikar amin a kondision:

  1. Mangala ka ti walo wenno ad-adu pay a masakup a agtulo-tuloy nga agas ti Paset D ti Medicare, ken
  2. Addaan ka kadagitoy tallo wenno ad-adu pay a kondision ti salun-at:
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Diabetes:
    • Depresion
    • Osteoporosis
    • Nangato nga presion ti dara
    • End Stage nga Sakit ti Bato
    • Dyslipidemia, ken
  3. You reach $4,696 in yearly prescription drug costs paid by you and the plan.

Your participation is voluntary, and does not affect your coverage. This program is free of charge and is open only to those who are invited to participate. The program is not a benefit for all members.

Ania nga serbisyo ti mabalin a mairaman ti programa?
Mangit-ited ti programa ti:

  • Comprehensive medication review and a
  • Natarget a panangkita ti agas

Comprehensive Medication Review
The review is a one-on-one discussion with a pharmacist, to answer questions and address concerns you have about the medications you take, including:

  • Dagiti Naireseta nga Agas
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) nga agas
  • Dagiti Herbal a therapy
  • Dagiti dietary supplement ken bitmina

The pharmacist will offer ways to manage your conditions with the drugs you take. If more information is needed, the pharmacist may contact your prescribing doctor. The review takes about 30 minutes and is usually offered once each year—if you qualify. At the end of your discussion, the pharmacist will give you a Personal Medication List of the medications you discussed during your review.

Makaawat ka met laeng ti Plano ti Aksion ti Agas. Mabalin nga iraman ti planom dagiti singasing kenka ti botikero ken ti doktormo tapno saritaenna kabayatan ti sumaruno a panagbisitam ti doktor.

Here is a blank copy of the Personal Medication ListDaytoy a PDF document ket maluktan iti sabali a window. for tracking your prescriptions.

Targeted Medication Review (TMR).
With this review, we mail, fax or call your doctor with suggestions about prescription drugs that may be safer, or work better than your current drugs. As always, your prescribing doctor will decide whether to consider our suggestions. Your prescription drugs will not change unless you and your doctor decide to change them. We may also contact you, by mail or phone, with suggestions about your medications.

How will I know if I qualify for the program?
If you qualify, we will mail you a letter. Also, you may receive a call, inviting you to participate in this one-on-one medication review.

Asinno ti mangdanun kaniak maipapan ti panangkita?

You may receive a call from a pharmacy where you recently filled one or more of your prescriptions. You will be given the option to choose an in-person review or a phone review.

You may be contacted by a call center pharmacist to provide your review, and ensure that you have access to the service if you want to participate. These reviews are conducted by phone.

Apay a natalged ti panangkita ti botikero?
Dagiti agduduma a doktor ket mabalin nga agsurat kadagiti reseta para kenka uray no saan na nga ammo dagiti amin a tumtumarem nga agas ken/ wenno OTC nga agas. Para ti kasta a rason, ti botikero ket:

  • Saritaen no kasano a maapektaran ti nairesetam nga agas ken OTC nga agas ti tunggal maysa.
  • Mangilasin ti aniaman a naireseta nga agas ken OTC nga agas a mabalin a paggapuan dagiti madi nga epekto ken mangidiaya ti singasing tapno makatulong.
  • Tulong a maalam ti kaaduan a benepisyo gapu kadagiti amin a naireseta nga agasmo ken OTC nga agas.
  • Dagiti oportunidad a mangtulong kenka a kissayan dagiti bayad ti naireseta nga agas.

Kasanoak makaala ti benepisyo babaen ti panakisao ti maysa a botikero?

  • Ti panagsarita kadagiti agasmo ket mabalin nga agresulta ti agpayso a kappia ti panunot nga ammom a natalged a tumtumarem dagiti naireseta nga agas ken OTC nga agas.
  • The pharmacy can look for ways to help you save money on your out-of-pocket prescription drug costs.
  • You benefit by having a Personal Medication List and a Medication Action Plan to keep and share with your doctors and health care providers.

Kasanoak makaala ti ad-adu nga impormasion maipapan ti plano?

Please contact us if you would like additional information about our program, or if you do not want to participate after being enrolled in the program.  Our number is 1-844-635-3406, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (TTY users call 711.)

Selio ti Panangimaton ti Nabigbig nga Agas ti Therapy ti URAC

Dagiti Makatulong a Dokumento

Usaren daytoy a blangko nga Naiyannatup a listaan ti Agas tapno matulunganka a masurot ken kusto a mausar dagiti agas.

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